Alternative Investment StrategiesScott Cole has spent over 25 years studying and researching the financial markets, with a primary focus on the futures markets.  Scott has worked as a futures broker and as an execution trader for a multi-strategy hedge fund that was on the cutting edge of systematic trading back in the 1990’s.

Scott first started trading futures in 1994 when he learned one of the most famous trading strategies ever known for trading in the futures markets…The Turtle Trading System.  The system focused on capturing significant trends in the futures markets with a set of trading rules that involved entry and exit strategies along with a position sizing algorithm.

The strategy allowed Scott to capture significant moves that year in the coffee, wheat, cotton and Australian Dollar markets.

Since then, Scott continued his own research into developing strategies for both the futures markets and individual stocks.  This research has lead him to create a newsletter that identifies trading opportunities in these markets.

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