Harrisburg, PAI am the sole principal of SCE  and have over 25 years experience as a commercial real estate appraiser.  I am presently licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland as a Certified General Appraiser.

I’ve completed nearly 2,000 appraisal reports and 200 review reports in my 28 years as an appraiser.  I have experience experience in the appraisal of a wide variety of properties, including office, retail, industrial, multi-family, residential subdivisions and special use properties such as golf courses.

I am also a licensed real estate agent with Coakley Realty in Rockville, Maryland.  As a licensed realtor, I have focused most of my attention on the office and retail markets between Bethesda and Gaithersburg in Montgomery County.

Appraisal Philosophy

My approach to appraising involves identifying the absolute best sales and rental properties to compare to each subject property I analyze.  This is a bit different from many appraisers who are simply unwilling to go out on a limb to determine the right value for a property, but instead tend to “average” everything out.

With this in mind, I typically employ a Qualitative approach, rather than a Quantitative approach to identifying the value of his subject properties.  Many appraisers rely on making percentage or dollar adjustments that may or may not make much sense, and then they ultimately just use the average of their adjustments to arrive at a value indication.

I’ve found that my qualitative approach has proven to be more accurate.  In fact, this approach helped me complete one of the fastest tax appeal hearings I have ever witnessed when I assisted with the tax appeal of a private golf club a few years ago.  The appeal board simply accepted my report without asking any questions!  The hearing literally lasted less than 2 minutes.

To inquire further about these services, contact Scott at 717-856-1453 or at SCOTTTRADE@aol.com.